`` Momma, The Dentist And Me, And Gita Mehta 's The Famine Of Bengal

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People are making choices daily and not realizing that they will have an impact on others. Many of the impacts will prompt negative effects because of humans immediate pleasure self-seeking desires. A swiftly growing world with a society that is lacking empathy and emotions towards one another. With simple honest principles society can begin a transformation of humankind as described in Erin Murphy’s “White Lies,” Maya Angelou’s “Momma, the Dentist, and Me,” and Gita Mehta’s “The Famine of Bengal.” Each story has different thoughts and strategies, yet all three inform on the various practices of human spitefulness. All stories explore the emotions of terrible hardships and glorious triumphs that were overcome as their courage was tested. Both youngsters and the ageing are subject to inhumane varieties of cruelty worldwide which most cannot defend themselves. All situations are immoral when humans disregard or participate in cruelty while great numbers of diverse people continue to endure sadness, pain, and suffering. People posed with bullying carry feelings of sadness and makes them feel isolated or powerless that is equivalent to outsiders. Feeling of sadness can be persistent and may have long term emotional and physical effects which can hinder personal growth and development. All forms of affection routinely come at the expense of overlooking the people who are most important. Many individuals often surrender to ostracism and initiate solutions that are not…

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