Motivation Is The Natural Human Tendency And Habit? Essay

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5- Motivation
Intrinsic motivation is the natural human tendency and habit to seek out, conquer challenges, pursuing dreams, and testing our capabilities and limits. When people are intrinsically motivated, they don’t need incentive or punishment, because the activity itself is satisfying and rewarding. Simply, intrinsic motivation happens when people do things just because they love it, and want to get better at it. While in contrast, when people do things for grade, praise, avoiding punishment, for something that has little something to do with the task, or just simply doing something to get it done, is called extrinsic motivation. Extrinsic motivation is usually associated with negative emotions, poor academic achievements, and maladaptive learning strategies i.e. when people have little or no interest in doing a task, and they simply are interested what they will gain from it. It is difficult to foster one of the motivation, because it depends on how the teacher and the students are viewing the motivation and achievement in doing a task. I could motivate the student extrinsically as it was described by the author’s behavioral approach to motivation, which is setting a reward or giving an incentive to motivate the student. Another way of motivating the student is to foster student’s expectation and his values, what he regards as success. Finally, I would teach the student to set goals for himself, and to look at his peers who have graduated. By doing so the students will…

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