My Family - Original Writing Essay

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Growing up with my family was always hectic being the eldest child out of five. Everything was fast paced as I experienced new neighbourhoods, schools, friends and towns constantly. Although, I believe that where I grew up and came from shape me into the person I am today. I was born in Winnipeg, MB back in 1993. My mother (Tammy) was with my father (Cary) at the time and we lived in the North End of the city. I remember growing up in a small one or two bedroom place as my parents were trying to make ends meet. We weren’t able to afford much since my parents were still young and only had a high school diploma. I and my family were very skeptical of Winnipeg as there were and still are many dangerous situations you may be faced with. My parents were constantly worried about mine and my sibling’s safety. As years passed, my mother and father got divorced. This lead to my mother’s decision to pack up our things and move to Swan River, MB. She felt that it would benefit us, as it is a quieter town with a lower crime rate. She always wanted us to grow up feeling safe and secure. We were able to adjust quite well to our new surroundings and community after a while. I was just entering grade six when we moved and remembered some downsides. The school environment wasn’t as diverse in personalities, cultures, or interests as the city was. And I experienced a lot of bullying due to my ethnicity. But that experience, even though it was negative, allowed me to fully embrace my…

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