My Graduation Year Of Highschool Essay

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My freshmen year of Highschool was one of the worst experiences of my life. I started freshman year of highschool with a low gpa of a 2.62. I was not at all happy with this GPA and I needed to change that. During my freshmen year, I was scared to ask questions to my teachers and to my classmates. I knew that was unacceptable of fear taking over my grades. I went to talk with my advisor and asked her for help and she helped me develop strategies that will help me become successful in my life. I felt grateful of that experience because I later raised my Cumulative GPA from a 2.62 to a 3.25. After this experience, I was not afraid to ask anyone for help and I know that in college many students struggle with their academics and a way that I can get some help in college is by asking for help from the professors.
The university that I plan to attend next fall is Central Michigan University. This university is a university that helped me feel like at home. Even though it is a large school, I felt that it was a good mixture of a small and a large school which can help the students feel comfortable and help students contact the professor with any questions the students have. When I visited Central Michigan University, I felt even more motivated to go to college than I ever was with all the nice programs, clubs and resources the school has to offer. Central Michigan University helps students gain an experience that is in and out of the classroom which is great for the students…

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