My Grandmother From The Drive Of Great Grandma 's House Essay

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my grandmother (far left) in the drive of great grandma’s house. Furthermore, my great grandfather worked at the Oil Well and he cut Christmas trees and painted houses. He never drove in his life; he would always walk to work. While, my great grandmother worked at the Oil City Hospital doing laundry for the nurses and she worked at a cigar shop called Bowers Store. She drove a Big Lincoln Town car and drove that car until she was 96, she then sold it to my uncle and he still has the car, which makes it an antique.
My grandmother always says around Christmas time that my great grandparents would put their Christmas tree up after the children went to sleep on Christmas Eve and then take it down the day after Christmas. She claims that is why my grandmother’s tree goes up before Thanksgiving and goes down New Year’s Eve. My grandmother also told me that when she was young and they did something bad great grandma would throw shoes at them and make them pick the shoes back up. Nevertheless, my grandmother and her siblings all agree she was a great mother.
Likewise, because of the Great Depression, my great grandmother never truly trusted banks, she paid with cash for everything, even cars, and she never had a credit card. In addition to the effect the Great Depression had on her, she would never buy new clothes they always came from the Salvation Army, and loved going to rummage and garage sales. Other than that, she enjoyed fishing and vacationing to California, her last time…

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