My Struggle With An Eating Disorder Essay

1332 Words Sep 4th, 2015 null Page
Beginning high school can be intimidating, I was a new girl and a cheerleader so automatically the standards where raised for me. I was not like the other girls with perfect bodies and gorgeous faces, I was just an awkward slightly chubby girl. However, seeing those girls that were supposed to be my teammates made be become insecure about myself. Instead of turning to someone that I trusted for help, I ended up taking the harder longer path and developed an eating disorder. The ideal cheerleader is short with a small waist and no flab, which was not me, I had some fat on my stomach that would not go away. In order to fit the social stereo type, I took an extreme path that only made matters worse for me in the long run. My struggle with an eating disorder began my freshman year of high school, I was a timid cheerleader and I wanted to be as small as the one of the flyers on my team. I was never a big girl but I was the tallest girl on my team, my stomach had a little pudge but it was not bad. Since I was tall I was automatically a back spot when it came to stunting, but I wanted to be a flyer and I figured if I got lighter I would be able to be a flyer just like her since she was also a fairly tall girl. I tried everything to help me get to her size around the waist, I did extremely hard core workouts, watched what I was eating, and drank tons of water. Still, nothing. I got discouraged quickly because nothing that I did worked and the other girls on my team noticed my…

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