My Success As A Student Essay

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I grew up in a minority community where shootings, prostitution, drug trafficking, and deaths are not something new. Every day I would pray to God for my family and me to come back home safely. Schools in my neighborhood do not offer a good education. In my middle school, there were always fights. The majority of the teachers did not care for the students’ learning. I was lucky to have some teachers that care about my success as a student. Since I was planning to pursue a higher education, I decided to go to a charter high school. My high school was small, but I felt that the teachers put more effort into teaching. Honestly, I do not think my high school prepared me for college, but it did give me some skills that are useful in college. My reason for pursuing a high education consists of many factors. I’m in college to be an example for those students who face similar struggles. I want to let them know that anyone can pursue a higher education regardless of where you come from. You can do it if you put your mind and effort. I also want to break the negative stereotypes of my culture. I want the world to know that a Latina does not end up pregnant at a young age. I want to yell to the world: Yes! I’m Latina, I’m a woman, and I come from a minority community! Since high school, I feel like I have become more independent, responsible, open-minded, and mature. College has made me become more independent and responsible. I’m paying for my tuition and housing without the help of…

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