Neglecting of Students Essay

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Neglecting of students
In the story “I Just Wanna Be average” poetry, scholarly research, textbook, and book writer Mike Rose recounts his years in vocational track school. I agree with Rose’s views on teachers not valuing their students and them neglecting them as well. The sentence “I just want to be average” is what manifested this whole paper. Not an individual not a person at high standards but just average, Roses approach to this issue is very significant and formal. He fixates on this sentence because he then realizes that those in the vocational school were trying to be someone else instead of themselves. “Reject the confusion and frustration by openly defining yourself as the Common Joe” (Rose 3). The common joe was exactly
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At first, we couldn't believe this guy, thought he slept in his car. “But within no time, he had us so startled with work that we didn't much worry about where he slept or if he slept at all. We wrote three or four essays a month. We read a book every two to three weeks, starting with the Iliad and ending up with Hemingway. He gave us a quiz on the reading every other day. He brought a prep school curriculum to Mercy High. (Rose 5) This quote shows how Rose was introduced to a class where he could not get by, by using one half of his brain. So instead of being average and thinking average he had to rise to another level. So he worked hard and he became hooked and interested in Mr. MacFarland teachings. Rose makes his point of how his teacher had impacted his life.
What I enjoyed the most about Mike Rose story is his use of personal experiences to get his point across about the neglecting of students. The main point and the situation both associate with each other very well because of the way the story is organized, which brings great quality to the story. I do feel as if Rose does not look at his fortune as something that he truly earned because he is very intelligent. I like how Rose expresses how the potential to reach high standards is up to the student but yet the teacher is the one there to enhance your understandings. When he uses the word average I feel like he uses it loosely as if he doesn’t use it with a complex meaning. I think when Rose is

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