North Dallas Shared Ministries : A Community Of Volunteers Essay

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Paragraph I: Describe your experience
North Dallas Shared Ministries is an interfaith community of volunteers providing charitable assistance to families in need. This organization assists people and families living in 20 zip codes in Northwest Dallas with food, clothing, financial help and medical needs. They provide several services and programs for low income families such as a food pantry, Financial Aid services, clothing, medical center, dentist, school uniforms and supplies, rent/utility advances. They also offer transportation such as bus tickets or gas vouchers. The main charitable mission of this organization is to help low-income people consume as much responsibility for their lives as possible. To achieve their mission, they provide appropriate emergency assistance, health and community programs designed to help them achieve long-term stability and promote their wellness and financial independence.
On the day I began to volunteer I was given particular steps to follow in order to properly aid the families with food and clothing. The steps were pretty self-explanatory and easy to follow. All that was needed to be done was to examine the shelves in the food pantry and establish what item needs to be restocked, restock the shelves until a food slip is entered in a specific slot; indicating someone is in need of food and/or clothing. The amount of clothing and groceries each family received depended on the size of the family. I gave clients a list of the available…

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