Essay on Notes On Abuse And Relationships

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1. Abuse and Relationships When my mother was sixteen years old, she started to gain curiosity of dating. I thought I was lucky she told me this herself because I felt we related to that topic since that was the age I got curious. She met my brother’s father at church in Nayarit, Mexico and immediately fell in love with his “bad boy” personality, she said it was love at first sight but he wasn’t so holy. She explained how he was ten years older than him, and said they were in a very unhealthy relationship. Jesus controlled her and made all her decisions. When my mother tried to explain herself or defend herself, he would verbally abuse her which would frighten her. They also both gained records of possession and vandalism. Though she was not using drugs like he was, she still still considered an accessory in the crimes. My mother described her experience as being trapped in a prison since she felt she was forced to stay in their relationship and stay locked in. I asked myself, “why didn’t she snap out of it and leave this idiot?”, then I realized she was pregnant with my older brother. According to the lecture presentation on “Abuse and Relationships”, my brother’s father had all the power and control he could take from my young mother. He used his male privilege since he made the decision to carry the drugs, had her follow his steps and make her a prisoner, without a mind of her own. Not only did he make her a prisoner in his plans, but he also blamed her for him going…

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