Nursing As A Profession Since The Days Of Florence Nightengale

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Nursing has been a reputable profession since the days of Florence Nightengale. Ms. Nightengale is considered the Pioneer of Modern Day Nursing. She saw not just the illness that needed to be healed, but the whole person: including the “emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects” of the person. Starting with cleanliness, nurses care for all aspects of the patient and have made the patients feel “whole” again. Even though Florence Nightengale is not the only nursing theorist, she is possibly the best known to the whole world. There are different levels of nursing, with the Registered Nurse being the most popular level for the profession. The State Board of Nursing for each state control the actions of each level of Nursing Licensure and the amount of education required. Licensed Practical nurses have a shorter education period of about twelve to eighteen months. These nurses have more restrictions on medication administration and must be monitored by a licensed Registered Nurse. Most Licensed Practical Nurses work in Nursing homes, Assisted Livings and Home Health Agencies. Because of the restrictions in Medication administration, most hospitals have chosen to hire all Registered Nurse staff for more continuity of care and diverse skill set. Registered Nurses can have an Associate’s Degree, Bachelor’s degree, or a Diploma, with the Bachelor’s being the higher degree. With an Associate’s Degree, offered by community and junior colleges, it takes about two to three…

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