Nursing Essay

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Nursing Essay for Masters of Science in Nursing

There are few careers that are as challenging or rewarding as nursing. To be a nurse is phenomenal. A good nurse knows her duties and has the skills to care for her patients. A great nurse believes in being hands on with their patients and never sees themselves above others. Nurse’s work in such a selfless manner and that has showed me where I want to be in this world…helping others as they do, and by being one of them.
As a small child, I dreamt of being a nurse. I remember longing to grow up so I could wear the white uniforms and caps that I saw on television. Over the years, my idea of what a nurse is has changed. I began to understand that a nurse was not just a person in a
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I have learned to use my critical nursing skills and prior nursing experiences to educate patients in the office, over the phone, or by mail. The people that I have helped, healed, or just held a hand have made me be the great nurse that I believe I am today. Over the next five years I will continue to learn. Personally I will be growing as a nurse and continuing to learn on a daily basis. Money has never been a goal, rather having a career that enriches the soul and strengthens the mind. I have been thankful that my family is supportive of my nursing career and the transition I plan to make with my masters degree. Professionally I hope to be able to be a part of my community as whole by volunteering my work through the hospital and the clinic while treating my patients in a Family Practice setting. Family Practice would allow me to provide heath maintenance, disease prevention, education, and primary care for the people within my community. As a mother to five children I have a great respect for the family practice setting. I believe that nursing is an evidenced-based science that promotes, maintains and, when possible, restores health. As a professional nurse, timely updating my knowledge is an important part of my life. In order to serve my customer the best, I will read, study, and keep my knowledge current. By earning my masters degree in nursing, I will be able to continue my move forward into such areas as teaching, leadership,

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