Nursing Home Essay

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Nursing Home Administrator

Nursing Home Administrator Excellent communication within a health care faculty is essential! It is the communication exchange among staff members which determines the quality of care given to the patient’s. As a nursing home administrator my duties are to ensure the HIPPA rules and regulations are being upheld by members of the health care. By ensuring that HIPPA rules and regulations are upheld the health care faculty is ultimately providing the patient’s with quality care. Change within a nursing home can bring about much unwanted conflict and confusion among all parties involved. Following the chain of command can be a tedious task, there are many T’s that
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Another disadvantage of traditional meetings is that they can be time-consuming and sometimes expensive and in certain situations there may not be much time or money to spend on a traditional meeting. An electronic conference is another method that can be used to communicate concerns among staff members. There are many advantages of using electronic conferencing, one of the biggest advantages is that electronic conferencing provides the ability to hold a meeting globally. Electronic conferencing allows a team to be in different parts of the country and still hold conferences together through local computer connection. An electronic conference can be held in two forms, it can be done synchronous, meaning that members attend a conference at the same time but are in different places, or the conference can be done asynchronous, meaning that members attend the conference at different times but during a certain time frame. The synchronous method is similar to a traditional meeting because it allows real-time communication among the team members, whereas the asynchronous method is similar to communicating through e-mail because the electronic media is used to transmit messages to team members. As research has proven the synchronous method is the best method to use because it team member can communicate together effectively and take the time to make important decisions. Another advantage of

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