Nursing Informatics And Health Care Professionals Essay

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1. a) Nursing informatics is used to inform about what nurses do and how nurses use information to make decisions for patients. Nurses use EHRs to manage patient information (Pritchard, 2015). Nursing informatics allows nurses to remain interconnected with health care professionals from other disciplines, so that information is seamlessly exchanged between nurses and the rest of the health care team (Pritchard, 2015). Nursing informatics is also used to personalize patient care and to inform patients about their care as consumers and keep them involved in their care. Nursing informatics is also used to improve public health by promoting better data collection and bio-surveillance. Nursing informatics promote quality measurement in research in order to influence patient outcomes (Pritchard, 2015).
b) The Institute of Medicine (IOM) is a national force that has influenced the direction of nursing informatics. This institute has written core competencies for all health care professionals including nurses (Pritchard, 2015). The programs devised by the Institute of Medicine aim to teach health care professionals how to improve their knowledge, how to manage information accurately, and how to use computers to make the information available to all disciplines in order to achieve better patient outcomes. On the other hand, the National Center for Nursing Research (NCNR) is a nursing force that has influenced the direction of informatics (Pritchard, 2015). This agency has created…

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