Nursing Is An Expression Of Service For My Patients And Their Families

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Nursing Philosophy This paper will lay out what professional nursing means to me. I will also address how my view of nursing affected my decision to become a nurse. Further, I will explain the philosophy of nursing that I practice by and how that affects how I care for my patients and their families. Additionally, I will explain how my philosophy of nursing has changed since I began practicing as a nurse. Lastly, I will discuss any changes in my view of nursing since I began the baccalaureate-nursing program at Indiana Wesleyan University.
Nursing is “the provision of health care services, focusing on the maintenance, promotion, and restoration of health” (Black, 2014, p. 352). Nursing is an expression of service to humanity. Nursing is altruistic; nurses sacrifice their own lives in order to practice with the degree of dedication that they show to their patients. Everything that nurses do in performing their duties strives toward the ultimate goal of healing the patient and family. At times, the stress that nurses experience on a daily basis can be detrimental to their own health, both physical, mental and spiritual. Nurses must be cognizant of their emotional health and healing when dealing with patients and families in crisis. Keeping these things in mind, I have always been a service-oriented person. It may be due to my upbringing; I grew up constantly seeking approval from my parents, which led to being a perfectionist and super-responsible. I definitely…

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