Essay about Nutrition Is Just Eating Your Fruits And Vegetables

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For many nutrition is just eating your fruits and vegetables, but that isn’t how it breaks down. Nutrition is receiving the proper nutrients that are needed to survive and live a healthy life. Sadly, most people today can be categorized into either being obese or malnourished sometimes both. This creates a problem since so many individuals are unable to control their health. Consequently, the standard of health has diminished drastically with easier access to cheap and non-nutritious food along with the illusion that exercises is exclusive to bodybuilders and pro-athletes. The idea of nutrition has become distorted by the concept that just eating will provide someone with all the nutrients they need, thus research and countermeasures have been investigated and implemented to counteract this lifestyle. One of the many problems throughout any society is that they are unaware of what to eat and how much to eat. For convenience 's sake it’s safe to say most people will eat fast food for a quick bite. However, how much they are going to order is still undetermined, thus people tended to lowball their appetite. Now, fast food corporations have caught on to consumers that do this; buying less and cutting into their profits. As a result, fast food restaurants supersized their portions, basically increasing the amount of food within one size, in order to instill into customers that they want that much food and also a drink to go along with their meal. Rationally, everyone should be…

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