Optimism’s Effect on Psychological and Physical Health Essay

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Optimism’s Effect on Psychological and Physical Health.

Becca Rubio


For many years, numerous studies have analyzed the effect of Optimism on Psychological and Physical health. Optimism is generally known as being confident that there is a positive outcome to any situation and hopeful for a positive life in the future. It is also believed that those who tend to be more pessimistic than others have a larger amount of stress which can ultimately cause physical illness and emotional/mental exhaustion. There are many factors taken into consideration when measuring optimism’s effect on our health; some factors include the impact of optimism on one’s recovery from illness, coping skills, and responses to behavioral measures.
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The study of optimism on burnout demonstrated that those who had a higher level of optimism showed lower results of burnout scores when faced with these daily hassles. When optimism was compared to the other moderators (perfectionism and humor) there was a stronger relationship between optimism and humor than optimism and perfection. The data gathered from this study showed that the executive women who had an optimistic view of life were less likely to be affected by the daily hassles of their position.
The coping strategies of the women with high optimism were associated with a social support group; Religion- was found to be the major coping orientation within these women; and their personal view on challenges was that they were opportunities for growth. In a journal article titled: Optimism, Pessimism, and Health; examples were shown on how optimism can affect one’s take on health risks. It is to believe that optimistic people will take better care of themselves. It is also argued that optimistic people may also believe that “no matter the situation they find themselves in or actions they make, the result will be a positive outcome, making them less likely to take precautions than pessimists” (Scheier & Carver, 1985, pp.219-247). The article also explains that thanks to other studies we have been able to observe that optimists show a greater

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