Our Kids By Robert Putnam Essay

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The overall theme of the book, Our Kids, by Robert Putnam was how the access to upward mobility has changed for low income and many students in this generation. Putnam does this by using several examples starting with his childhood. I think he has a very valid point, although many have made it out of poverty into successful careers, there are many that have not and have no idea how to make a change. The world was very different back in the 1950 when Putnam grew up and we have since lost that overall sense of community that was so important very present in those days. Although there were major problems present for that generation, the student of the newer generations are dealing with a different world. Long gone are the times when the rich mingled with the poor and sent their children to school together. The majority of the students with rich parents sends their children to high performing schools and have the money to live in the neighborhoods that support the schools with proper connections to help their students. There is a very different story for parents who are low income and can 't afford the "good" education for their children. The stories situations Patty and Earl, and Marnie and her girls compared to the life of Lola and Sofia and Elijah. Although Patty and Earl and Marnie are parents who came from different beginnings, they were able to make things happen for their children in a way that students living in low income families could only dream of having…

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