Personal Narrative : My Passion For Medicine Essay

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Every individual is fueled by some sort of passion. This passion can range from academics to public concerns to a health emphasis. For me, practicing and advancing medicine sparks my enthusiasm and drives my intellectual character. The biological and chemical milieu of the body has captured my attention ever since I was a young boy and became familiar with how the body’s organs were organized. Having matured and experienced a variety of challenges over the years, I now consider myself to be a positive, goal-oriented, and optimistic person who is ready to fully pursue my passion for medicine. As a toddler, my fascination with cars was intense. While collecting as many model vehicles as I could and memorizing their respective names, I felt determined to become an automotive professional. After I grew out of the toy car phase, I decided that automobiles should be my hobby rather than my profession. I realized that medicine is rapidly innovating and felt compelled to be a part of it. My enthusiasm and knowledge of the anatomy of automobiles parallels my aspiration and interest in studying the human body and in ultimately realizing my ambition of becoming a medical doctor. This led me to the realization that vehicle systems are analogous to the human body. For instance, an engine’s cooling system is like the body’s circulatory system. When we have a fever, our own thermostat, the hypothalamus, is activated resulting in sweating and other ways of cooling. My fervor for…

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