Personal Statement : A First Generation Student Essay

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Personal Statement
As a first generation student to achieve education in the United States I had experienced many of the things that a normal person would differently than other students will. From changing so many schools in my childhood I lacked the stability that a person wants. Every thing was a first for my parents in the United States attending parent teacher meetings, applying for colleges, or financial aid everything was a learning process for all of us. While growing up I faced many difficulties in adapting to the other children around me. My parents always made me not worry about the struggles and they also provided me with the best opportunities so I can succeed. Getting an acceptance from University of California Irvine was a major step in my life and in my parent’s life, I was the first in my whole family to go to four year university. However, the initial quarters were difficult at UCI for me in adapting to the classes at UCI I felt like I was just thrown into an unknown place and had to figure out my own path. Even though the initial couple of months were difficult I found what I love and passionate about which were the criminology classes that I began to take. While being a psychology and social behavior major I had to take one prerequisite class which was Intro to Criminology this sparked my interest into law, and after taking couple more classes I picked up Criminology Law and Society as my second major and found something that interested me. This…

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