Essay on Personal Statement On Eating Disorders

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No one should hate themselves, it is bad enough that other people will constantly judge you, you have to make sure you love yourself regardless of what people think. Otherwise, you might jump the gun and start harming yourself. My objectives are for people to realize:
• That it is okay not to be super skinny
• It is okay to wear something larger than a size two; your pant size does not define who you are as a person
• Your body needs food
• Anorexia, Bulimia, and Bingeing are life threatening and is something to be taken extremely serious
• Family and friends are there for you to talk to
• More people than you realize struggle with the exact same insecurities
• You are pretty
I want people to realize that they are not alone in this. It does not make you weak to ask for help. Suicide is known about and there are actions to help people with it, but eating disorders are just as big. I want to raise awareness on this issue. I want there to be a place where people can go and get help, hotlines to talk through issues if they don’t feel comfortable talked to people they know, people that can help get their eating on the right track, and promotion of the fact that healthy will always trump any other lifestyle. This campaign would to for everyone, but specifically middle and high schoolers. It would be for all colors and gender, but especially focused towards white females. This would preferably start in August of 2016 when school begins and run throughout the school…

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