Pharmaceutical Drug Abuse Within The United States And Canada

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The sole purpose of this essay is to analyze pharmaceutical drug abuse within the United States and Canada. For the reason that I am unaware of the ‘war on drugs’ within Canada and want to find similarities and differences within statistics of pharmaceutical drug abusers within each nation.
What is pharmaceutical drug abuse? It is when you ‘abuse’ a medication that was received from a legal doctor, essentially misusing it for other purposes such as reducing side effects from another drug, getting high from the drug, or taking the prescription to an excessive extent. When you are abusing prescription drugs, you are taking the medication in a sense that will alter your perception, mood or other physical factors, basically to get a ‘high’ off of the medication. I believe that pharmaceutical drugs are easily misused or ‘commonly’ misused: because doctors are giving out these medications, and for a significant reason- to better your health. This misconception occurs since a doctor is handing you the drugs, rather than someone off of the street, and that the prescription is essentially ‘safe’ and will not cause harm since it is made specifically to ‘alleviate’ and ‘prevent’ detrimental health effects (SAMHSA, 2015). The dangers of pharmaceutical drugs could not be emphasized enough; they are not ‘any safer’ because a doctor recommended it; such as the coloring on cigarette packs do not signify ‘one kind of cigarette brand’, is safer than the other (they are all bad, such as all…

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