Phoenix Center For Arts : Non Profit Promoter For The Fine Arts

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Phoenix Center for the Arts: Non-profit Promoter for the Fine Arts
Throughout the United States of America, the fine arts are in danger. In many public schools and communities, themselves, the visual and performing arts are either being under funded or not at all. In some schools the fine arts are even being cut out of the curriculum completely. In some areas it has become a part of the community’s responsibility to connect people with the fine arts. In Phoenix, Arizona, the Phoenix Center for the Arts has taken on this challenge. This is a non-profit organization that has given the community ways to connect children and adults alike with visual and performing arts. Over the years, non- profit organizations have changed immensely, “Today, the non-profit sector has become a major… social force” (Anheier). Non-profit organizations are able to tackle issues that are concerning for communities and make a difference. This organization specifically focuses on something that is in danger in society, the fine arts, and has become a great “social force” within its community. Phoenix Center for the Arts is one of the best non-profit organizations when it comes to the promotion for the fine arts because of the innovative art-education programs, the organization’s and community’s devotion keeping the arts alive, productive fundraising, and the easy access to volunteer opportunities.
Phoenix Center for the Arts has created many innovative and creative education programs to connect…

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