Professional Knowledge and Abilities Essay

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Professional Knowledge and Abilities
Tammy Prescott
August 30, 2010
Akeisha Walker

Professional Knowledge and Abilities
Professional knowledge and abilities often determines a person’s career success. Many jobs today are requiring college degrees, even for positions that did not require it in the past. People must continue to achieve higher levels of education and skills to be competitive in the workforce. By developing personal skills and increasing professional knowledge, people are more likely to reach their professional goals. The skill and knowledge that one develops are an essential for career success. “The Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) is a not-for-profit, international organization of
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By volunteering to join committees offered by the Information Systems Security Association, members have access to leadership opportunities in the security industry. Members can collaborate with other members through a trusted online professional networking site to gain knowledge, skills, and gain new perspectives. Becoming a member of the Information Systems Security Association is an effective way to increase my professional knowledge and abilities. I will be able to enhance my skills through the educational forums, publications and interacting with people in the information security field. Membership in the Information Systems Security Association will allow me to exchange information on security techniques and problem-solving. This will increase my knowledge and will benefit me in the workplace. The knowledge in many fields is increasing every year and one’s personal interest and needs are changing constantly. Knowledge is power and the more knowledge that I have, the further I will be able to go whether it is in my personal or professional life.
One should never stop learning crucial life skills that will make one a more valuable employee and a better person. Striving to be a lifelong learner and this will allow one to achieve success with one’s growing career and personal goals. Self-awareness and understanding of one’s learning style and the

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