Project Towards No Drug Abuse Essay

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Drug prevention, whether it be cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana or hard drug use, has been an ongoing and ever-present issue that Americans have been waging a war on without an end in sight. One program that is unique and brings up good tactics for prevention is the Project Towards No Drug Abuse. The target audience is for teens 14-19 years of age (“TND: Project Towards No Drug Abuse”). This program focuses on three factors or aspects including motivation factors, skills, and decision-making (“TND: Project Towards No Drug Abuse”). While this program was able to determine the effectiveness of the prevention efforts, there were some areas of the program that weren’t refined as well as they should have been. The Project Towards No Drug Abuse is a program that initially began at the University of Southern California (“TND: Project Towards No Drug Abuse.”). The program was geared towards usage in a classroom setting for kids who were at risk for drug use and violence-related behavior, however it has also been implemented in a community setting usually by a trained teacher or specialist (“TND: Project Towards No Drug Abuse.”). The program initially consisted of nine sessions (Communication and Active Listening, Stereotyping, Myths and Denial, Chemical Dependency, Talk Show, Stress, Health and Goals, Self-Control, Perspectives, and Decision Making and Commitment) (“Project Towards No Drug Abuse.”). It would, later, be transitioned into a 12-session program which now Marijuana Panel,…

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