Pros and Cons of a Dry Campus Essay

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Every year, universities always have the same issue regarding alcohol. Students are constantly getting in trouble for possession or consumption. Here at Eastern Connecticut State University, the policy is a dry campus. This means that alcohol is completely prohibited on campus. There are many opinions when it comes to this choice, as there are also many pros and cons to it. One pro of having a dry campus is that students can find other events to go to. Eastern often offers other events where students can do and socialize, promoting a night without alcohol. Students can also join clubs, intramurals, sports, etc. All of these clubs and events offer a positive influence on the students by keeping them busy. According to a friend and …show more content…
On the other hand, students will go out to drink, trying to avoid getting written up. Students will drive off of campus to go somewhere else, then having to drive back home afterwards. The problem with this that it will leave students stranded or making poor decisions, particularly without a designated driver. From personal experience, I’ve gotten a ride from a friend who said he was “alright” to drive, only later finding out that he was “buzzed.” His reasoning for volunteering to drive was that it was his car and we needed to get back to campus. Once safely on campus, he admitted that he should not have gotten behind the wheel because he knew it was dangerous. If the campus is not dry, then students are more likely to stay on campus to enjoy a few drinks, reducing the amount of drunk driving. Continuing on cons, another reason that students dislike having a dry campus is that they feel as though they aren’t as independent as they like to be. A lot of students choose to live on campus because they want to escape their parents and live life they way they chose. I feel that students should have the choice of drinking or not drinking, regardless of their age. I believe that it should be his/her choice as to whether or not they want to go to class with a splitting headache or if they choose to do something stupid while intoxicated. These students are old enough to make decisions and they should know what is right and wrong. We

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