Essay on Psychological And Social Implications Of Substance Addiction

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Sexual addiction, dependence, and like disorders, while not new, have been receiving attention and recognition amidst other addictions and disorders. Countless studies have been performed and compiled about sexual addiction, its varying and debatable definitions and associated treatments. Some professionals and experts argue whether there is, or should be, an official diagnosis, definition or label for sexual addiction (Hartman, Ho, Arbour, Hambley & Lawson, 2012, p.285). Additionally, related theories have been formed to classify or characterize aspects of sexual addiction, comparable to that of licit and illicit drug addiction and abuse. While most professionals agree that there are similarities, some argue the parallels to biological, physiological, psychological, and social implications of substance addiction. According to Hartman et al. (2012), “several arguments have been made against the concept that sex, or behaviors in general, can be addictive” (p.287). While sexual addictions and behavioral disorders have similarities to chemical addictions and dependencies, they are different. Therefore, when evaluating sexual addictions, we will consider the similarities and differences with other addictions. In so doing, we can determine the best route of treatment and approach.
Before the best treatment for sexual addictions and behavioral disorders can be determined, experts had to consider the comorbidities with drug addiction disorders (Garcia & Thibaut, 2010,…

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