Reflective Learning And Writing, Assessment Essay

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Reflective Learning and Writing, Assessment 2
Step 1
In this reflective learning task it will discuss why poor countries have a predominance of infectious diseases as opposed to the lifestyle-related diseases of wealthy countries. Such as obesity, diabetes, lung cancer, alcohol and drug use. This reflective learning task will also include my opinion of the global health inequalities that exist currently and how we can resolve them. For examples poverty, hygiene, access, wealth, resources, medical supplies, clean natural resources etc.
Step 2
As I work in a medical centre I have encountered all different social classes and races. I have observed that a large portion of Australians have lifestyle-related diseases. I have not encountered anyone from a third world country but have participated in the 40 hour famine and have watched many videos on the disease crisis. When I participated in the 40 hour Famine it was difficult and many children in third world countries die from malnutrition. If the subject of infectious diseases and deaths were attended to earlier we would not be experiencing such a large epidemic currently. If we globally focused on helping third world countries overcome disease the tolls of death would decrease. As I am living in a wealthy country I think we should be taking better care of our health by making correct and healthy choices. By making healthier choices we can then focus our health care system to help the less fortunate such as third world…

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