Reflective Writing For A Person 's Journey Through Formal Education

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Throughout a person’s journey through formal education,there is a point at which the goal turns from learning to simply memorizing, regurgitating for a test or paper, and then forgetting. This happens to almost everyone. If this is not reversed, a person will never truly learn and remember anything. For some who are lucky, they realize this change and then revert back to a process in which they are productively learning information. Reflective writing is what can allow the person to notice this change by beginning to do it, and continuing this process will allow them to then revert back to really learning what is being taught to them. Reflective writing calls for an individual to refer to the information that they learned, and their perception of that information. Calling to an individual’s attention the way they perceive something that they learned is what allows them to connect to it, and store that memory.

The first time I realized that I was only memorizing and regurgitating information was in my high school Human Biology class. While I have always found Science interesting, this class was not like any course I had ever taken before. This class was a college level course and it was taught by a professor at my school who had experience teaching as a college professor. Every week we went over a body system in extreme detail, more than I had ever learned before, and then at the end of each week we had a test. The test consisted of 100 multiple choice questions and 10…

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