Relationship Abuse Essay

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Relationship Abuse
By Abby Everett

Relationship abuse is a growing and very dangerous epidemic that needs to be stopped because of the mental health damage it is causing to a large number of women and even a small amount of men across the country and around the globe. Although women are the ones victimized 90% of the time, abuse can also happen to men. Relationship abuse can occur in both heterosexual and homosexual relationships. Abuse most commonly starts at the high school age when relationships get more serious and emotions are deeper which cause higher chance for abuse. More than 1.5 million women nationwide seek medical treatment for injuries related to abuse each year ( One out of every three women
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When abusers say they're sorry, what they meant to say was "because I might get caught." ( Victims are brainwashed by their partners and will soon become so self-worthless that they will believe almost anything the abuse says. Most signs of abuse are so gradual that the majority of victims don't realize how slowly the abuse has gradually escalated to dangerous high. All victims who think that they may be in an abusive relationship should learn to identify the signs of an abusive partner and what normal and what's not. Look for these signs of abuse and identify them immediately so that you know you're in an abusive relationship: anything physical that might include hitting, punching, pushing, squeezing, smacking, grabbing, or any unwanted touching that is painful. Physical abuse doesn't have to leave a mark to be abuse. Another form is mental and verbal; an abuser will often tell the victim things that will make him or her feel worthless. Curse words, rude remarks on physical appearance, slander, false and over-exaggerated accuses, and extreme jealous remarks are all some of the forms of mental and verbal abuse. Financial abuse is the act of taking money or keeping money away from a partner in order to keep them from spending. An abuser may take away credit cards or hide money to keep their partner from buying things that might "show off their body," give them too much to eat, or to keep them isolated so that they

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