Roosevelt 's Wide Diversity Within The Sense Of Race And Ethnicity

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Before volunteering at Roosevelt, I only thought of the word “diversity” in the sense of race and ethnicity. Now, I realize that diversity can span the entire spectrum of human life – from sexuality and social class to race and religious beliefs. I find that diversity in itself can serve as an asset to any individual or community. When a person only spends their time with like-minded people, they close the door to learning opportunities and allow prejudice to flow in. Roosevelt’s wide diversity enables persons at the school to engage in constructive conversations on both interpersonal and school wide platforms, opening lines of conversation between individuals from many different backgrounds. These conversations offer students and staff the opportunity of a lifetime to challenge prejudice and work toward building a community with equality for all. This gives every person within the building the chance to respect persons from all walks of life. This variety of diversity within Roosevelt will serve the students and community well. Roosevelt staff and student will be prepared to enter a world full of different ideas, values, and beliefs with the tools to navigate this world with compassion and understanding. One way I have seen Roosevelt’s diversity serve as an asset comes in the form of cultural understanding, acceptance, and appreciation. I have often heard students conversing with others students about where each comes from. I myself have worked with students from…

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