Essay about Scholarship, Leadership, Service, And Fellowship

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Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Fellowship are the cornerstone of the Phi Theta Kappa Honors society, and a well-rounded member should be able to demonstrate proficiency in each one of them. As for myself, I have been using these hallmarks to reach my full potential as an individual and a member, and participate in the betterment of my community through them.
Scholarly, I am a dedicated student and I am always applying myself in my studies. Excelling academically has always been one of my main priorities, and I worked hard to perform at a high level, and get good grades throughout my academic career. As a civil engineering major, my degree’s coursework is made of many science and mathematics classes that are challenging and require endless hours of practice for mastering their key concepts. I sometimes struggled with the level of difficulty of some of those courses, but I always strived to master the knowledge that was given to me, and it gave me the commitment required to succeed. Regardless of the course, I put in the same commitment, and got rewarded by my excellent academic grade point average of 3.92. My academic performances helped me in becoming a STEM Scholar in the DCCCD STEM Institute, which is an honor that comes with a scholarship paying for my entire tuition at my community college. I have also been selected as a Texas STAR Scholarship recipient which was attributed this year to only twelve applicants across the state of Texas.
On the Leadership level, I…

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