Shifting Pathways Of Retirement : Boomers ' Shifting Meanings Of Work And Retirement

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Shifting Pathways to Retirement – A Critical Review

This paper will offer a critical analysis of the article, “No more lock-step retirement: Boomers ' shifting meanings of work and retirement” (Kojola & Moen 2016). Through the various lenses of sociology of aging, critical gerontology and the gendered life this study explores the various choice points that impact an individual’s transition from work to retirement. Some of the factors examined include work and retirement decisions by examining social class, wealth, meaning of work and gender. The researcher’s hypothesis contends that the Baby Boomer generation is delaying retirement and taking various unique paths into retirement. Participants in this research comprise of a small sample of like individuals in many aspects, that will be discussed in further detail in the critique section following. The method of analysis included a semi-structured interview with the aim to assess critical meaning and subjective motivations around the life transition of retirement.
Many findings are presented. First, “participants voiced a rejection of the concept of retirement as a period of leisure and withdrawal, and instead express a desire to remain active and engaged either through paid work, often in encore jobs or through volunteering and other unpaid activities.” (Kojoa & Moen p 63). Through several narratives other findings were expressed that include and an appetite to phase out conventional work arrangements to flexible…

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