Should Eating Meat Be Ethical? Essay example

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The scrape of a knife against a fork as it cuts through the prime choice of meat. Meat can be a very viable nutrient to all diets, but It’s the age old question of whether or not eating meat is ethical still stands. We as humans have yet to find one answer that will please everybody. Some try to guilt you into being vegetarian while others force you into thinking that the animals we use for meat are put here for that exact purpose to be eaten. The choice of whether or not to eat meat is an individual decision that we all face everyday. We as a culture often forget this very important detail in an effort to get people to believe what we believe to be ethical.This is exactly what this unanswered question has turned into. People in foreign countries are starving and here we are arguing what we can and cannot eat. With that said, I personally feel that eating locally raised and butchered meat is ethical. Many people are worried that cattle can’t digest corn and that its hurting their bodies. Through extensive research I found this to be untrue. In an article written by Ryan Goodman on this specific topic Goodman wrote, “Cattle recieve forages as a large portion of their diet. This is important to help their stomachs grow and develop properly. However, forages do not provide the high amount of digestible amount of energy these cattle need to grow quickly.” (3) Ryan also talks about how, “An excess amount of forage can cause other issues for the animals.”(3) Cattle…

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