Essay on Should I Be A Pre Med Student

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Since I was already feeling upset about how I wasn 't handling things well last week, Monday kind of just slapped me in the face and made things worse.

I met with a UNM academic advisor, and I would say that I do not particularly like him because he made me question myself as to why I am even going to school and he basically made me feel like I would not be able to succeed as a pre-med student.

I got offered a transfer scholarship and a grant from UNM; the catch is that I have to be enrolled in 15 credit hours there and I cannot use a consortium agreement, which basically states that I am taking a total of 15 credit hours between two schools.

At CNM, I got a tentative offer to receive the lottery. If I continue to do well in the courses that I am currently taking at CNM, I will be rewarded the lottery for next semester, as long as I am enrolled in 12 credit hours.

I 'm already registered for those twelve credit hours, but I 'm stuck because UNM is giving me 2,500 dollars to use for next semester. I don 't know if I will be getting the same amount if I choose to attend in fall 2017, but I think that I might get another transfer scholarship.

I am going to talk to a CNM advisor (who is much nicer than my UNM advisor, if I may add), to see if I would be able to transfer the lottery over to UNM with me, even though I have not used it at CNM. If I would be able to transfer the lottery to UNM, I would be getting the transfer scholarship, the grant, and the lottery.

As of…

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