Essay on Significance Of The Unknown Substance

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Unknown substances can be found everywhere. Whether it is the mysterious crust on the desk, or the sticky material found at the bottom of an unwashed bowl, there is a curiosity as to what that substance could be. In science, the unknown substance is called the analyte (1). The unknown substance, taken from the Gulf of Mexico, is tested to determine the true identity of the substance. In order to find the analyte, there are two different scientific methods that can be applied. The first method is called qualitative analysis. Imagine that the unknown substance is a part of the game Clue, in order to find what it could be, observe the specific characteristics that can be used to identify the substance. This could include the color, the texture and the color produced from a flame test. The second method, quantitative analysis is used to confirm the information found from the qualitative results. Examples of qualitative methods include finding the density, molar mass, and the amount needed for a reaction with another solution. In order to properly execute this experiment, it is recommended to conduct quantitative analysis before using qualitative methods When determining the characteristic of the unknown substance, there are a few main things to look for in the substance. One of the first thing to notice is the physical characteristics of the substance. The color and texture help by narrowing down the type of chemicals present in the substance. A booklet…

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