Signs and Symptoms of Abuse Essay

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Investigate the types and reasons for abuse of children

Sign and symptoms of abuse

Physical abuse
Physical abuse is where a person is physically hurt or injured purposely by another person with the intention to cause them harm. Physical abuse includes hitting, slapping, kicking, biting, head butting, drowning, burning etc and often occurs in places that are easy to hide under clothing. Physical child abuse is any form of physical injuries inflicted upon the child with cruel and/or malicious intent. Physical abuse can result in bruises, burns, poisoning, broken bones, and internal haemorrhages. Some of my definition was used from the information I gained using this website
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Or neglect of a child might occur because they have more “important priorities” to attend to, leaving their child the least of their worries and this leads to them becoming dirty, hungry, unloved etc.

Lack of knowledge of children’s needs
The lack of knowledge of a child’s individual needs can lead to physical abuse, this is because the parent might not be in the right mental state of mind and find it difficult to understand why their child is continuously crying when they have done everything to calm the child down. This may result in the parent getting so frustrated that they react before thinking by hitting the child or commonly known with small babies to shake the baby vigorously in order to quieten the baby which can cause brain damage.

Case scenario: Max has moved in with his new girlfriend Laura and her baby Olivia six month old. Max never wanted children of his own as he believes at 26 he is too young for such a massive responsibility, however his love for his girlfriend meant that he had to enable himself to adjust to the idea of been a role model to baby Olivia. Laura believes Max to be a good father figure to Olivia and happily leaves her baby with him whilst she goes out with her friends. Max has never been left with Olivia for more than a few hours and the baby is usually asleep and

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