Six Sigma: Does It Fit Hospitality? Essay

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By Tina McCrossan

Six Sigma

Does it fit in hospitality?

Depending upon whom you talk to,
Six Sigma is either the most important new direction for change management in hospitality, or it’s a waste of time that has introduced armies of green and black belts getting in the way of doing business. Believers on both sides of the debate have a lot to say about why, in spite of this polarization, the methodology seems to be working in some organizations.
Six Sigma leads companies down some interesting paths. You take your best people
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They don’t need extensive after-the-fact analysis to know whether the effects of change were positive for the organization. Field managers are focused on hitting their numbers, making their customers happy, and following processes dictated by other departments whom they often feel don’t truly understand their business environment. Six Sigma teams can become just another department that doesn’t have a clue.
Negative perceptions as well fuel potential for conflict. Poor approaches to
Six Sigma in some companies have created powerful elitist organizations that create hierarchy not conducive to utilizing all levels of talent in the company.
Six Sigma is a methodology that seeks to understand the causes and effects of quality breakdowns. Six Sigma teams are taught to use techniques and tools to evaluate and determine change value, which is then measured against change cost. But for the sake of the rest of us, let’s make it simpler. It’s a suggestion box program.
Years ago before the days of e-mails and blogs, HR departments put out suggestion boxes for anyone in the company and even customers to bring forth ideas on how things could be changed for the better. Six
Sigma is a philosophy and methodology for prioritizing, cultivating and processing those suggestions.
Six Sigma does have a fit in hospitality as evidenced by success at companies like

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