Sleeping Habits Essay

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Getting the right amount of sleep every night is a must if you want your body to function at its highest performance throughout the day. Over half the population in America has admitted to not getting enough sleep. Bad sleep habits can really have a negative affect on teens. There are some tips that a teen can follow to help change those habits to get a better night sleep. Hopefully after reading this paper you will be more informed on how to get a good night sleep. One of the most common tendencies that teens have is staying up to late. The natural time that our bodies have evolved to get the best sleep is between 10:30 and 6. With many teens not going to bed until after midnight or even later you can see where this may affect a teens …show more content…
It is important that everyday you do something you enjoy. Homework, sports, and other commitments all take up time in the day and it can be very hard at times to balance all of these things at once. When our bodies do get the right amount of sleep its very easy to tell whether you feel tired or not, but when our bodies don’t get the right amount of sleep there are many signs that our bodies give off to let us know that we need to get to bed earlier or change your schedule in order to meet the sleep requirements your body needs. There are many obvious physical effects that not enough sleep causes such as lack of energy, fatigue, irritability, and exhaustion but most people are less aware of the serious effects. Knowing that our bodies need an adequate amount of sleep each night to repair itself is no secret, and sleep provides the recharging and repairing that our bodies require. A major effect of not getting enough sleep is not being able to process glucose correctly. Not processing glucose in the proper way raise high blood sugar levels which ultimately can result in type 2 diabetes. Not only does lack of sleep disrupt the proper processing of glucose but,

its also going to cause the glucose to be stored as fat which can lead to weight gain. A symptom that will become noticeable to not only you but

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