Essay on Sleeping With Alcohol : A Substance As An Addiction

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What qualifies the continued engagement in an activity or use of a substance as an addiction as opposed to an interest or a hobby? In describing her own relationship with her lover, which had been downtrodden at the hands of her partner’s daily ritual with alcohol, Donna Steiner, in her essay Sleeping With Alcohol, reveals the negative effects that alcoholism, or addiction in any form, can have on the life, well-being, and relationships for the agent of the addiction, in this case her partner, as well as those people with whom she is close. Addiction, as it is considered here, is the compulsive use of a substance or engagement in an activity that has harmful effects and is nearly impossible to quit. Though they can take many forms, there exist three essential components to all addictions: compulsiveness of partaking in an activity or use of a substance, the detrimental effects of the activity or substance, and the futility of attempts to end the habitual engagement or use, and so Steiner’s partner’s intimacy with alcohol can be considered an addiction because of the presence of these three characteristics.
Merely compulsively engaging in an activity is not an example of addiction, even if the subject cannot quit of her own volition: there must be an element of detrimental influence that the habit has on her life in one way or another to be termed as such. Addictions can, and often do, have more than one adverse effect, and these effects are not limited to the harm of a…

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