Smartphones Are Used For More Than Just Calling Or Texting Someone?

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Has it ever occurred to you that smartphones are used for more than just calling or texting someone? Many people do believe smartphones are a helpful tool. People who have disabilities are now able to stay connected just like everyone else through a smartphone. There are so many ways a smartphone can help with your health. In addition, there are different tools that can help you stay connected with a loved one who lives far away from you. One way a smartphone can help with your health is having a medical ID. By having this feature you can tap on your phones health icon and set up ones medical conditions. In case of emergency it allows the doctors to have access to your conditions by tapping and holding the emergency button even while your phone is locked. Some things you can view are, if the person has allergies, emergency contacts, a person’s blood type, and any other valuable information. Smartphones have many benefits when using them in a day- to-day setting, even though some people look at the distractions it can bring to one’s life.
Having a smartphone has changed the world we live in and has helped those who have disabilities. People who have disabilities have not been as connected with the world as they should be, but a smartphone has changed that for them. Win Whittaker, an expert on mountain climbing guides his clients up Mount Rainier located in Washington State during the night (Baig). When a person is mountain climbing it is crucial that a person has good…

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