Smoking Is It By Choice Or An Uncontrollable Habit Essay

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Smoking; is it by choice or An Uncontrollable Habit
Smoking has always been a contradictory subject. For people who smoke urges others to not smoke and for those who don 't smoke urges others to stop smoking. So why is it that there are more and more people starting to smoke daily, for those who don’t smoke but have friends that smoke are at risk and often times develop a willingness to try to smoke from curiosity perhaps. Whether it is hard drugs or the deceitful simple cigarette, smoking can change life for the worse, always. There has never been a time in life where smoking brings good fortune or health. Tobacco Companies often times use propaganda to target an ever growing audience for smoking, which makes smoking look appealing, sexy. This misguided information is the main reason for new smokers along with just trying to fit in or to look cool. However, people smoke because of curiosity, peer pressure and stress removal.
According to Patricia Culpepper, “Adolescents who smoke most likely have friends who smoke. According to the surgeon general, this is the result of both socialization and friend selection. Adolescent learn about smoking by hanging around others who smoke. The decision to light up is reinforced by a desire to be accepted by their peer group, to fit in and establish a social identity. Likewise, teens who perceive that their friends disapprove of smoking are less likely to smoke. Teens who smoke also tend to make friends with other smokers, reinforcing…

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