Essay on Social Media 's Influence On Eating Disorders

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whole new level with websites being created that promote eating disorders (Stamford). The doctors have come to conclude that social media plays a big role in the rising numbers. Doctors believe that with the use of social media the young women find it easier to take comfort with other people on the internet who feel the same way they do, and the media have websites that promote eating disorders ("Eating Disorders for Teen Girls Rising”). Clearly the media needs to be more mindful on the the type of information that is put out there.

Although some will argue that the media had a direct connection the anorexia, some will say anorexia is nothing but genes changing due to the surrounding environment. Doctors and scientists have stated that anorexia is triggered by certain genes deactivating due to the environment. In the “Environmental Factors May Trigger Anorexia”, Adam Cresswell, a journalist for the Weekend Australian stated, people who have eating disorders aren’t getting them because they are self conscious about their looks, but because the surrounding environment has caused the certain individual to feel pressured which has led them to starve themselves (Cresswell). Basically what this means is that certain environmental settings can cause people to behave differently because their surroundings can cause them to feel a certain way which can lead them to become anorexic. Furthermore, doctors believe that environmental settings is the key trigger to anorexia because…

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