Some Habits, Skills And Way Of Life Essay example

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I am going to discuss some habits, skills and way of life that can generally apply to everyone, but are especially important for college students who wants to be successful at college and beyond. So I will give you advice on how to spend your college years. After all, a college is about learning and implementing some useful habits and skills or life hacks which are as important as learning the material.
Shelter: I don 't know whether you will be living on campus or not. However, I would advise living off campus. On campus, you are just paying lump sum for everything: room, utilities, internet etc. You don 't learn much by living on campus about living on your own and managing expenses. Living off campus is more mature. If your university is not in an expensive city, it could be cheaper than living on campus. You could a roommate and have as much fun as on campus. Alternatively, you could spend some time, say first half of your college, on campus and then the second half off campus to prepare for the "real life." If you decide to live off campus, keep in mind four things: location relative to your college, location relative to your work (if your work, and hopefully you will), location relative to your grocery stores and most importantly the cost.
Transportation: Do not get a car. Live as close to a campus as possible. Get a bicycle and use it as your primary vehicle for moving around. Every minute you spend driving a car is wasted, every minute you spend on a bicycle is well…

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