Stop Scaring Students By Devorah Lieberman Essay

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In “Stop Scaring Students”, by Devorah Lieberman she insists that college is worth every bit of time and money you put in it. Although, “College Is a Waste of Time and Money,” by Caroline Bird claims that college is not as good as an investment as people put it out to be. College may not be as glorified as it is said to be, but it can also be a worthy investment with hard work and time. Students who are going to soon graduate high school have a decision to go to college or not, some don’t always know what to expect but when this decision comes about you should know what you are getting yourself in.
In “Stop Scaring Students”, Devorah Lieberman argues that a college education is still a valuable investment in today’s world. First, Lieberman accuses some news agencies of “short sided reporting”, meaning that the news outlets are only giving one side of the overall story, which intimidates potential college students. The author asserts, “they report record unemployment levels among recent college graduates as the rationale for pursuing a trade right of high school rather than pursuing a college degree” (1). This means that short-sighted reporting is scaring students away from college, which has a negative impact on the future of the United States. Second, Lieberman discusses the importance of advisers and counselors in helping college students decide on a career path. According to Lieberman, “academic advisors, coupled with an institution’s career advisors, [should] coach…

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