Essay on Student Housing At Harrisburg University

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Student Housing at Harrisburg University

Shiakh Mukidur Rahman

Audience: Members of the Dauphin County Commissioners

Table of Contents

Name Page No.
1 Introduction 4 1.1 Purpose and Scope 4 1.2 Procedures 4
2 Body 5 2.1 History of Student Housing at Harrisburg University 5 2.2 Existing facilities of Student Housing at Harrisburg University 5 2.3 Student’s review at Harrisburg University 6 2.4 Comparative study of student housing among Harrisburg University and regional universities. 8
3 Conclusions and Recommendations 9
4 Bibliography 9

List of Figures, Tables, Abbreviations or Symbols

Figure Page No.
Fig 1: Residence on Market at Harrisburg University 4

Table 1: Existing facilities in the student housing at Harrisburg University 6
Table 2: Title: Student’s review regarding housing at Harrisburg University. 7
Table 3: Comparison between HU and other university student housing facilities 8

HU: Harrisburg University

Abstract or Executive Summary

To live in student house at university campus is the integral part of student life. This part of life must help a student to get the higher level of satisfaction, to become more opportunistic and self-confident future leader of the nation. This report provides the information about the student housing at Harrisburg University as well as other two universities. This report has two major parts: gathering information by survey and interview and…

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