Essay about Student Is A Supportive Mentor

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Behind every successful student is a supportive mentor, someone they look to in times of need, whether the need is correcting a paper or talking about their aspirations or even asking for advice. While many students have a parental or other influential adult there for them, there are many students that do not. They struggle to find the support needed to succeed not only academically, but also in their lively ambitions. Teachers have a moral obligation to be an encouraging mentor involved in his or her students’ lives, valuing their success above all else.
Others may argue, however, that it is not the teacher 's place to advise students. They argue the teacher may be biased or have a different agenda rather than the welfare of the student. However, while these unacceptable teachers surely exist, this does not in any way denote the obligation they have, if anything, it calls to broadcast and inform schools to look for caring teachers with worthy intentions. Teachers should diligently strive to combat any negative influences in the students’ lives by being involved in the social aspects of her classroom.
While many believe the responsibility lies only with the parents to advise their children, the addition of the teacher is a necessary step where a parental figure is lacking or distorted in the students’ lives. Sadly from cases such as divorce, physical or verbal abuse, or simply closed and disconnected families, the student is lacking this role and should always have a readily…

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