Student Opinion And View Of Teachers Essay

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As teacher evaluations become ever more inclusive, the voice of the current student has not been heard until the creation of the new surveys designed to capture the views of students on the topic of their teachers. While it may be called into question the student opinion and view of teachers “effectiveness” is ultimately best decided by the students who work and spend hours per year with their teachers. However, the student voice is not perfect as there will always be those within the system there that will not take “it seriously”, or skew the results by lying on them (Nott 2). Yet the student voice should not be the only aspect of a teacher evaluation, but it should be factored in as some percentage in their teacher performance review. After spending thousands of hours in the room learning from a single person, judging them based on the way that they teach and act, and there effectiveness as a teacher contains far greater accuracy than any trained evaluator. The sad part about it is how “obvious, it was” with all the hours of “expertise” make them more “reliable than any other known measure of teacher performance” (Ripley 1). As students spend hours at a time with their teachers and evaluators if not the principle or someone directly associated with the school, will have little knowledge of who the teacher is. Furthermore, the teaching styles shift instantly from when a teacher is getting judged by their boss, or coworker, rather than the judgement received by the…

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