Student Population Of Our School Essay

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I teach First Grade. I am required to teach Reading, Math, ELA, Science and Social Studies. Our student population of our school is about 95% African-American, 3% Hispanic, and 2% White. The student population in my classroom is 96% African-American, 3% Hispanic, and 1% White. I have 1 White male, 4 African-American males, 1 Hispanic male, 2 Hispanic females, and 13 African-American females. This is a Title 1 school. Every child here receives free breakfast and lunch. I teach in a low income school where many of the students come from broken homes, have one or both parents incarcerated, are in the foster care system, or are being raised by grandparents. We have students who leave at noon for day treatment programs. Figure 1 Classroom Population Some students at our school have many diverse needs; some because of their low socioeconomic status and some from health issues. Many of our Hispanic parents do not speak English, so it is difficult for them to talk to a teacher without an interpreter. We do have staff member who speak fluent Spanish, and this is a big help. As stated earlier, our entire student population receives free breakfast and lunch. We work hard to involve our families in things at school. We schedule workshops for our parents. We provide child care and offer morning, afternoon and evening times. We have an intervention specialist who is used for home visits, she picks up parents and brings them to meetings if they do not…

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