Student Success And Student Failure Essay

1135 Words May 13th, 2016 null Page
When we think of student success or student failure we automatically jump to conclusions about the type of education the student received. We are quick to connect student success to “great teachers” and student failure to “bad teachers.” Teaching is among the highest demanding careers and has a great job outlook, yet it is one of lowest paid professions. Many leave the seemingly tough position within the first five years. So what does it take to become a suitable teacher? Who should teach and why is “good teaching” important? A teacher should be approachable, have at least three years of classroom experience through a teaching preparation (credential) program, and lack a deficit perspective. In California, the current student population does not mirror the teacher population. Students are from diverse backgrounds but almost 70% of teachers are white and female. As a result, teachers need to build bridges and make connections with the students. Getting to know the student allows the teacher to know the student’s strength and weaknesses, because every student is different. Teachers cannot assume every student will learn in the same way. Teachers need to open doors and welcome students into the classroom, they need to make students feel safe and understood. It is extremely important for teachers to get to know their students because they get the chance to know the student outside the classroom. They get to know the students’ interest, their background, their living…

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